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April 24, 2014
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Upcoming Events


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Four Artists in
Black, White & Color
McFaul Activities Center
525 W. MacPhail Road
Bel Air, MD 
Exhibit will run through June  

Warped Weavers
Council Gallery
212 S. Bond Street
Bel Air, MD 
Exhibit will run through April  

Art Without Boundaries

Harford Community College

About the Board

Created in 1973 by the Harford County Council, the Harford County Cultural Arts Board is a government-appointed public commission and, in fact, a direct extension of the Harford County Council. Its office is located at Department of Community Services 319 S. Main St. Bel Air, MD 21014 Office hours are Monday-Friday, 8:30 AM-4:30 PM and by appointment.

The mission of the Cultural Arts Board states that it “shall apprise the County Council of the areas in which the Council can best serve to aid and strengthen the cultural climate in Harford County.” As such, the purpose of HCCAB is to act as a county-wide liaison between Harford County’s government, arts organizations and citizens. As grantor, advocate and administrator, HCCAB serves to promote, expand and sustain the rich and diverse cultural heritage of Harford County, Maryland.


Each year, HCCAB grants over $90,000 to more than 40 arts and cultural groups through its Community Arts Development, Opportunity, and Challenge Grant Programs. The Cultural Arts Board welcomes any nonprofit organization to apply for financial support for arts and cultural programs. HCCAB does not offer grants to individuals. Additionally, the Cultural Arts Board is able to advise our applicants with regard to grant and proposal writing and fund development.

As the county-wide arts agency, HCCAB stands as the local representative for Harford County’s arts community. The board meets frequently with government representatives, advocating for continued and increased support from each level of government. The Cultural Arts Board maintains membership with regional, state and national organizations for the benefit of our county’s groups.

For many years, the Harford County Cultural Arts Board has recognized the need for a community arts facility that would be used by local artists and arts organizations and for the benefit of all those living in and around Harford County, Maryland. In an effort to provide documented evidence in support of such a building, the Cultural Arts Board contracted Janis A. Barlow & Associates, based in Toronto, Ontario, to conduct and prepare a community cultural assessment and plan for the county.A Cultural Plan for Harford County, Maryland is the culminating result of data collection and interpretation that took place during the community cultural assessment phase. It is a comprehensive document that accurately illustrates the cultural climate of Harford County and the impact of the arts and other factors on the standard of living and business within the county - past, present, and presumed future. It identifies key stakeholders from a diverse cross section of Harford County agencies – government, business, arts, education, faith-based, and general public – who know first-hand their constituents and communities.

A Cultural Plan for Harford County, Maryland confirms the need and overwhelming desire for a community arts center located centrally within the county. It serves as a conscience for drafting cultural policy. It acts as a reference for what need be preserved, grown, or changed for the benefit of our community and its residents.

HCCAB is pleased to be able to offer administrative assistance to our local arts groups. Our online arts calendar boasts a detailed listing of cultural things-to-do in and around Harford County. Additionally, HCCAB publicizes the same Calendar of Events in local and regional publications and displays our arts groups’ publicity materials at county-wide festivals. The Cultural Arts Board co-produces Kaleidoscope and the arts segment of KidsTVNews- two shows on Harford Cable Network (HCN) as well as Art Beat a weekly radio show that showcases the variety of arts and cultural activities being offered in our own community.



Accessibility Policy: All arts activities are accessible and open to the public.
For more information please visit the Harford County Government's Commission on Disabilities web page
or download the County ADA Statement.