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April 21, 2014
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Upcoming Events


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Four Artists in
Black, White & Color
McFaul Activities Center
525 W. MacPhail Road
Bel Air, MD 
Exhibit will run through June  

Warped Weavers
Council Gallery
212 S. Bond Street
Bel Air, MD 
Exhibit will run through April  

Art Without Boundaries

Harford Community College

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Grants

Who is eligible for funding from HCCAB?

Any Harford County nonprofit organization offering culturally-based programs within the county is eligible for funding from HCCAB.

Where can I find the application forms?

Applications for the CAD (General Operating and Special Project) Grants are available through this web-sites's e-grant system. Opportunity and Challenge grants are done in a letter form; AiE grant forms are available by contacting the HCCAB office.  

Are there restrictions on the granted funds?

Yes. Each grant program is specific as to how the funds can be used. Please refer to grant and application guidelines.


Are HCCAB grants a one-time award?

 Only the Opportunity Grant program is a one-time award. Upon successful completion of the program for which the Opportunity Grant is awarded, if the program is to be repeated or ongoing, organizations must apply for funding support through the CAD Special Project Grant Program. The Cultural Arts Board encourages organizations to apply annually for CAD and Challenge Grants.


How do I apply for 501(c)3 status?

Visit www.irs.gov for application procedures in obtaining 501(c)3 status.

Grant Request Criteria

The following criteria are used by the Harford County Cultural Arts Board in determining eligibility for awarding grants:

1.   Is this a new or previously awarded group of activity?

2.   If previously awarded group, has the amount being requested changed?
3 .  Has the proper form been used?
4.   Is the application completed properly and signed?
5.   Does the group have an IRS non-profit identification number and is it a Harford County organization?

6.   What artistic categories are applicable?
7.   How long has the organization existed, is it financially stable and is the program realistic?
8.   Does this organization have merit and contribute to the community?
9.   What size is their audience?

10.  Does the amount requested from HCCAB qualify by the existing formula? (General Operating = 33%, Special Project = 50%)
11.  Does the budget balance? (Expenses = Revenues)
12.  Are in-kind services disproportionate to the operating budget?
13.  If previously funded, has the organization completed the previous year's Final Report?
14.  What are the artistic merits of the activity? Is it innovative?

15.  Does the project develop new audiences or support an underserved population?



Please click to download and print out
to assure the proper submission of your grant application.

Accessibility Policy: All arts activities are accessible and open to the public.
For more information please visit the Harford County Government's Commission on Disabilities web page
or download the County ADA Statement.